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Godrej Goldilocks Personal Safe

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Godrej Goldilocks Personal Safe

Introducing South Africa's first-of-its kind personal locker for everyday use. On special at The Safe Shop, Goldilocks is the perfect safe for you to store your daily valuables like keys, credit cards, watches, glasses, wallet, etc.

Small things make a big difference

Inspired from the story ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’, Goldilocks is designed to offer you the ‘right’ locker for your everyday needs. Its sleek design and compact structure lets you store your everyday valuables like mobile, keys, wallet, iPods, etc.
Goldilocks comes in two attractive colours, Black or White, and with a host of features like smart touch panel, anti-theft buzzer, and a smart locking cable. The safe might be small, but its utility is immense. Along with a smart manager, Goldilocks also helps you organize your things.

Your personal locker has finally arrived!

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